Applied Science and Engineering, LLC brings over 40 years experience in the analysis, design, manufacture, assembly, testing, and installation of pulsed and dc electron beam sources, supplies, and systems over a wide range of voltages and powers.

  • Voltage range: 1 kV to 20 MV
  • Power range: 5 W to 300 MW
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Applied Science and Engineering, LLC offers clients the following important advantages:

  • Analysis, design, and development accomplished without distracting your key employees from their current priorities
  • Analysis and design expertise concurrent with your critical path
  • “What if” analysis of your design concepts and envisioned technology
  • Comparative analysis, design studies, and recommendations of high‐risk, high-reward options
  • Advanced analysis and design using software expertise that may not be available in house
  • Complete physics analysis, engineering design, and manufacturing interface for your products, processes, or services